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In successful research programs, monitoring of sanitation procedures has proven effective and important. Monitoring is a way to verify the facility's sanitation standard operating procedures. To assist the laboratory animal care professional, Pharmacal Research Laboratories can provide generic Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's); cage-wash temperature confirmation, a microbial monitoring program, effluent waste test strips, and water analysis. Pharmacal offers a wide range of products and services to make your sanitation program a successful one. 


Product Product Description Applications
Temp-Tape 180 Temperature recording label Cage, Tunnel and Bottle washers
Tri-Temp Tapes Three temperature recording label Cage, Tunnel and Bottle washers

Contact Plates for Microbial Monitoring

Surface contact plates Detection of micro-organisms
Sterigage Chemical Integrators Monitoring of autoclaves.
Test Strips pH, Hardness, Quat Check  



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