Charm ATP


Pharmacal Research Laboratories has served the biomedical research communities for over thirty (30) years.  During that time we have recognized the importance of quality assurance. Reliable research, elimination of variables, and the growing number of regulatory guidelines demand consistent and reliable results from any sanitation program. Pharmacal uses the highest quality materials in the manufacture of sanitation chemicals used in the work place. 

Alkaline Detergents

Cage Washing Formulations for the Removal of Proteinaceous Soils.

Urine Scale Removers

Descaling Detergent Strippers for use in Dip Tanks and Cage Washers


Germicidal Detergents  Bactericidal- Virucidal- Fungicidal 

Specialty Chemicals

Neutralizers-Floor Cleaners -Foam Boosters -Deodorants

Antimicrobial Skin Care

Pharma-Clenz System is intended to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases.

Monitoring Products

Microbial Monitoring Products - Water Testing


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