Green Products

Environmentally Friendly Rack and

Cage Washing Compounds

Pharmacal’s BIO-series cage and rack washing compounds are formulated to be safer for the environment than conventional cleaners. These products are formulated with a readily biodegradable surfactant system that delivers low Dynamic Surface Tension (DST) which is critical to optimum cleaning.


Pharmacal has developed these products to help promote sustainable environmental stewardship throughout the lab animal care facility.

  • Helps you meet green purchasing mandates
  • Promotes a healthier working environment
  • Improves safety for workers
  • Reduces your company’s environmental footprint
  • Green purchasing is an important element of an Environmental Management System (EMS)
  • Helps position your company as a leader in the use of sustainable business practices

PRODUCT                                PRODUCT DESCRIPTION                                                                                     APPLICATIONS

BIO-Det Series 


BIO-Strip 200



Cage & Tunnel Washers


Dip Tanks, Cage Washers, Spray wash Pre-treatment


Labware, plastics and stainless steel.

Environmentally Friendly Rack & Cage washing Compound


Environmentally Friendly Citric Acid based Urine Scale Stripper & Detergent


Phosphate-free, pH neutral, Cage Washing Compound

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