• Alkaline Detergents
    Designed to remove gross soil on cage, bottle, and pan surfaces. Liquid synthetic detergents are used as surface-active agents because they are more freely rinsed than soaps. When selecting a detergent one must consider: water quality, type of soil to be removed, and the type of caging to be washed.

Urine Scale deposits, particularly those of guinea pigs and rabbits adhere very tightly to the surface of plastic, metal and glass. Scale deposits can be removed by chemical reaction with acids, either mineral or organic, which will dissolve urine scale from the surface of the pan or the cage. If possible, it is highly desirable to perform the urine scale removal in an automatic cage washer.

Disinfectant cleaners are used for cleaning and disinfecting rooms, floors, tabletops, fixed cages, and whenever it becomes necessary to wash cages by hand. Quaternary compounds are the most commonly used disinfectant within the animal facility. They are relatively cost efficient, easy to use, and if handled properly safer for animals and personnel alike. Pharmacal introduces five(5) quaternary disinfectants to meet your daily disinfecting requirements.

Pharmacal’s BIO-series cage and rack washing compounds are formulated to be safer for the environment than conventional cleaners. These products are formulated with a readily biodegradable surfactant system that delivers low Dynamic Surface Tension (DST) which is critical to optimum cleaning.

Specialty Chemicals for Special Considerations: Dog and pig runs, fixed primate housing, and pens are just some of the areas that require special products for proper cleaning. Pharmacal has developed a line of specialty cleaners and additives designed to help the animal care technician meet his daily sanitation requirements in the most expert manner possible.


Chemicals for use with aquatic systems.



The novaLUM II is an ATP (adenosine triphosphate) measurement system that complements traditional microbiological techniques, such as RODAC plating, by providing an early warning capability. The novaLUM measures and documents environmental surface cleanliness on a continuous basis, therein verifying the effectiveness of your cleaning regimes.


Quality Assurance Products



Designed for the demanding needs of healthcare professionals, Clorox Healthcare® provides hand hygiene solutions formulated for frequent hand hygiene in healthcare settings.


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