ATP Hygiene Testing

What is ATP?

The Future of ATP hygiene testing is here!

A feature packed luminometer complimented with three tests and data trending software.

The novaLUM II is an ATP (adenosine triphosphate) measurement system that complements traditional microbiological techniques, such as RODAC plating, by providing an early warning capability. The novaLUM measures and documents environmental surface cleanliness on a continuous basis, therein verifying the effectiveness of your cleaning regimes.


During the cleaning process of the animal cage environment, it is important to remove as much organic material as possible. This will insure proper disinfection, avoid protein failure and withdraw organic material for further growth of bacteria.


The novaLUM II measures the ATP from animal and vegetable cells as well as living or dead bacteria, yeast or mold. It shows in the manner of how much impurities are left after cleaning. The novaLUM instrument test and trending software were designed to offer the latest advances in technology. This instrument offers unrivaled speed, versatility and customization capabilities. The novaLUM sets a new standard in ATP hygiene testing.


The novaLUM II utilizes a single use PocketSwab which collects ATP from approximately 100 cm of the surface to be tested.  The light emitted is proportional to the amount of ATP being present. This light is measured in "Relative Light Units, RLU".


ATP luminescence shows the amount of residues left after cleaning, while the normal method of contact cultures detect only microorganisms. The novaLUM II provides a true measure of 'hygiene' and 'cleanliness' by detecting both, micororganisms and food/organic product residues present on surfaces. Organic product residues provide a nutritious medium for microbial growth and act as barriers to the direct action of sanitizers and disinfectants.


Improved hygiene and cleaning standards directly result in fewer microorganisms and ultimately, a safer environment for laboratory animals.

  • Flexible sensitivity

  • Performs three separate test functions

  • Full numeric keypad

  • Simple to use menu driven operation

  • High speed data processor

  • Ergonomic rugged design

  • Weighs 450 grams


PocketSwab® Plus detects ATP associated with microorganisms and food/wastes/organic product residues present on surfaces.


The PocketSwab Plus is now room temperature stable!

WaterGiene™ is a rapid sanitation/hygiene test used to detect the presence of ATP as a marker for biological contaminants in water and on wet surfaces.

What is ATP?

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