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Healing Hands Need Help, Too.



Almost 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted via touch.


One of the most common modes of transmission is via the hands of healthcare professionals.


Hand hygiene compliance rates are often very low.


Outpatient clinics: Studies have shown that hand hygiene frequency amongst clinic staff ranges from 11-50%.


Hospitals: Compliance rates were shown to range from 40-60%, and vary between units and healthcare worker role.4



Product selection matters.


Products containing aloe vera, vitamin E and other emollients can help to soothe and protect hands and even promote hand hygiene compliance



Designed for the demanding needs of healthcare professionals, Clorox Healthcare® provides hand hygiene solutions formulated for frequent hand hygiene in healthcare settings.



PRODUCT (Sizes Available)                                         12/18 oz Case

AloeGuard Antimicrobial Soap                                              10218F

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