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Specialty Chemicals for Special Considerations: Dog and pig runs, fixed primate housing, and pens are just some of the areas that require special products for proper cleaning. Pharmacal has developed a line of specialty cleaners and additives designed to help the animal care technician meet his daily sanitation requirements in the most expert manner possible.

PRODUCT                     PRODUCT DESCRIPTION                             APPLICATIONS

Grease Free                   Degreaser                                                       Animal cages, runs and pens


Trail                                Odor Control                                                   Deodorizing runs, cages,animal quarters and waste receptacles


FoamBooster                  High foam additive                                         Where extended contact time is desired


Liquid Litter                     Deodorizing liquid bedding                             Suspended caging


Crystalit                           Unique absorbing bedding                             Mice and suspended caging


Chloro-Foam                   Foaming chlorinated detergent                      Caging units, runs, vertical surfaces; removes grease/proteinaceous soils


pH Control                       Acid Neutralizer                                             Dip Tanks, Cage Washers


Urex                                Scale Preventative                                         Pans, Trays



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