Spill Containment

t Equipment

These Spill Containment Pallets can safely hold 30 or 55 gallon drums. These pallets raise the drums 6" above the floor. Several spill pallets can be linked together to form a total containment system. The pallet is constructed of chemical resistant polyethylene. Other sizes are available per special request.

Choose from 1,2 or 4 drum models


  • Modular Spill Deck system expands to meet your needs; 100% poly construction is ideal for storing chemicals that attack and degrade steel pallets

  • Low deck profile - drum tops and pumps are easy to reach

  • Bulkhead fittings connect sumps of each section - liquids flow easily from one sump to another

  • Removable plugs seal unused ports; easily add additional sections of decking (hardware included)

  • Anti-slip grate makes walking on deck surface safer

  • Sump is constructed of durable, low-density polyethylene with UV inhibitors; grate is injection-molded polyethylen

Optional revolutionary bladder technology allows for compact design without reducing containment capacity.


  • Single-drum

  • Revolutionary bladder technology allows for compact design without reducing containment capacity

  • Made of lightweight, chemical-resistant polyethylene-won't rust or corrode

  • Sump capacity of 11 gallons; bladder capacity of at least 55 gallons - deploys when internal sump reaches capacity

  • Pre-drilled, plugged ports so you can connect Deck to our standard 5 3/4" light-duty Modular Deck

  • No additional tools needed to assemble-includes a specially-designed wrench to connect and tighten components

Helps you comply with 40 CFR 264.175 for containment of Hazardous materials

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