Alkaline Detergents

Cage Washing Compounds for the Removal of Proteinaceous Soils

t Products

Designed to remove gross soil on cage, bottle, and pan surfaces. Liquid synthetic detergents are used as surface-active agents because they are more freely rinsed than soaps. When selecting a detergent one must consider: water quality, type of soil to be removed, and the type of caging to be washed.


PRODUCT                  PRODUCT DESCRIPTION                                       APPLICATIONS

Clout                   High Detergency, Low Alkaline                                       Cage & Tunnel Washers


PRL-18               Heavy-duty, chlorinated                                                  Cage & Bottle Washing


Prl-25                 Heavy-duty, non-chlorinated                                           Cage & Bottle Washing


Alka-Det 2          Moderate-Soil, chlorinated                                             Cage & Bottle Washing


Alka-Det 3           Moderate-Soil, non-chlorinated                                    Cage & Bottle Washing


Alka-Det HW        Hard Water, non-chlorinated and phosphate free       Cage & Tunnel Washers


Clout PF            Chlorinated, Phosphate-free                                          Cage & Tunnel Washers


Release              Synthetic alkaline detergent                                         Glassware washers, Ultrasonic cleaners


Cagewash 2B     chlorinated                                                                    Cage & Bottle Washing


Cagewash CT     High detergency, low alkaline                                       Cage & Rack washing



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