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CAGEWASHTM CT is a high detergency, low alkaline pH cage and rack washing compound. CAGEWASH CT has been specifically formulated to clean without the use of caustic alkaline ingredients. This product is safe for use with polycarbonate caging materials, rubber, glass and stainless steel. CAGEWASH CT is non- foaming and free rinsing. This compound is stable in wash temperatures in excess of 1800 F and will not break down under these conditions.


Typical Properties:


Color:                      Yellow

Odor:                       Slight chemical

pH:                           12.0

Specific Gravity:        1.13

Viscosity:                  Water Thin

Solubility:                  Complete

Storage/Stability:      3 years

Directions For Use:

For use in mechanical cage washers: Charge and maintain wash system with  CAGEWASH CT detergent at 1/2 - 1 ounce per gallon of water.


For  best results, consult your Pharmacal representative for technical assistance in determining the proper concentration for your facility.

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