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Release®  is a highly concentrated synthetic alkaline detergent for use in mechanical glassware washers, ultrasonic cleaners and for manual soaking and cleaning.  This unique combination of builders, surfactants and sequestering agents will remove a wide range of soils, leaving the surface completely clean and spot free.  This compound is non-foaming and free rinsing. This compound is stable in wash temperatures in excess of 180 degrees F and will not break down under these conditions.


Typical Properties:


Color:                       Clear Liquid

Odor:                       Slight chemical

pH:                           13.5

Specific Gravity:        1.3

Viscosity:                  Water Thin

Storage/Stability:      3 years

Directions For Use:

The concentration of Release that would be required to produce clean and spot-free glassware is dependent upon the type of soil, soil load and water quality.  Typical concentrations rang from 1/4 - 1/2 ounce per gallon of water. For  best results, consult your Pharmacal representative for technical assistance in determining the proper concentration for your facility.

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