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Sterilant - Tuberculocidal - Bactericidal - Virucidal - Fungicidal

Disinfectant cleaners are used for cleaning and disinfecting rooms, floors, tabletops, fixed cages, and whenever it becomes necessary to wash cages by hand. Quaternary compounds are the most commonly used disinfectant within the animal facility. They are relatively cost efficient, easy to use, and if handled properly safer for animals and personnel alike. Pharmacal introduces five(5) quaternary disinfectants to meet your daily disinfecting requirements.


Disinfectants are used when re-cycling animal rooms as well as transgenics, gnotobiotics, primate areas, micro-isolation, and conventional and barrier facilities.

PRODUCT                             PRODUCT DESCRIPTION                                       APPLICATIONS

Clidox-S                                    Chlorine Dioxide                                                      Sterilant / Tuberculocidal


Virkon S                                   Peroxymonosulfate Disinfectant                              Powder / Tablet


Quatricide TB                          Quaternary ammonium chloride                               Ready-to-Use Tuberculocide


Quatricide PV                           Quaternary ammonium chloride                                 Parvocidal, pH neutral, perfume free


Quatricide PV 15                    Quaternary ammonium chloride                                 Parvocidal, pH neutral, perfume free


Quatricide                               Quaternary ammonium chloride                                 Deodorize and Disinfect


Sani-Cloth                               Quaternary ammonium chloride                                 Pre-moistened Wipes


CLOROX Products                  Hydrogen Peroxide                                                     Pre-moistened Wipes & Liquid Spray Bottles

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