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Quatricide® Detergent/Disinfectant, when used as directed, is formulated to disinfect inanimate hard surfaces such as walls and floor. For larger areas such as operating rooms and animal care facilities, this product is designed to provide both general cleaning and disinfecting. Quatricide® deodorizes those areas which are hard to keep fresh smelling and are prone to odors caused by microorganisms. Efficacy tests have demonstrated that Quatricide® is an effective bactericide, fungicide, and virucide in the presence of organic soil (5% blood serum).

PRODUCT (Sizes Available)            4/1 Gallomn                5 Gallon             30 Gallon Cube              55 Gallon Drum

Quatricide®                                    65020F                        65025F                  65030F                             65055F

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